Episode 1: Welcome to Brildar!

Alright… so it’s NOT Valentines Day… I know.  It was a completely foreseen circumstance, too.  Oh, well.  We’ll just bump everything up a week and get this party started early!

Anyway, thanks for checking us out, I hope you enjoy our first episode where we are introduced to Eva, Torel, and Four. The players have come up with some great characters here and I personally can’t wait to see where we go from here.  ENJOY!


Head on over to Schwalbentertainment.com for a look at all the Demon Lord action!

And check out the Blood and Steel Podcast.  They discuss all things Shadow of the Demon Lord and, man… what a coincidence on the naming, huh?  They are doing a fantastic job so far and will be diving into different aspects of the rules and setting!

…. hmmm.. you’d think the Demon Lord’s shadow is beginning to spread….  Nah… probably not.   🙂