Episode 12: … swear on your Mother’s life…

Woof.  I guess this past week got the best of me.  A day late, but there’s a little more to listen to this time around so hopefully it’s worth the wait.  Also, I fully intend to get the next episode out a day earlier to hopefully make up for it. Yeesh.

THE TEMPLE IS BURNING!  Eva tried, but it doesn’t appear she can save Rose… of course everything is on fire around her and Four, and Torel so they probably want to git up and git out!  Things appear to be accelerating and a course of action needs to be decided upon and followed.  Of course there is always more to learn and possibly exploit (I’m looking at you Torel) about the ever deteriorating world around them!  HAIL!


As always you can head on over to Schwalbentertainment.com for a look at all the Demon Lord action!

Music in the episode is from Battlebards.com