What the devil are we?

Tales of Blood and Stone is a Shadow of the Demon Lord actual play podcast.

Our story follows the adventures of Eva, Torel, and Four as they are thrust into conflict and attempt to stave off corruption and insanity. The Demon Lord’s shadow is never far behind.

Eva (played by Dani Neary) a cambion desperate to escape her ancestory’s fate.

Four (played by Michael Waldschlager II) a centaur shaped clockwork whose pure heart is leading his quest to find his lost brothers.

Torel (played by Chris Burlew) a human whose frail body is fueled by his lust for power.

Guiding us through all the corruption and insanity, our game master, John Neary.

This podcast has the explicit tag and may contain mature language, situations and violence and graphic descriptions. Listener discretion is advised.