Who the devil are we?

Why cultists of the Demon Lord, of course! Hail!

Besides that, we are a bunch of geeks who became close friends, who also happen to love Shadow of the Demon Lord.  And how did this happen? Let’s just quote Chris for that one, “Actually the idea came up at Gen Con. I made a comment to Dani that I would love to be in a show with her and John. Then she called him and got the ball rolling. Michael then walked up and asked what we were doing, and quickly joined the cast.”  That’s how it happened and here we are!

GM: John

Lover of spooky dolls. Self flagellation, please. Student of the RPG Academy- hopes to graduate one day. Escaping Shadow is on his to-do list. “The Demon Lord comes for us all! I just happen to be his next servant.”

Michael as Four

When he’s not playing a lonely clockwork, Michael likes to spend quality time with his wife and two cats, usually watching bad movies. He also enjoys video games and will do anything to be on your podcast. Anything. Seriously.

Chris as Torel

When not trying to avoid insanity and corruption, Chris enjoys his wife, hanging out with their son, board gaming, podcasting, LARPing, watching MMA, and recently started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Also a fan of a good Whiskey, and great friends.

Dani as Eva

The RPG Academy wasn’t too far off when they called her “Crazy Rhode Island.” Perhaps a few fries short of a happy meal, Dani loves XP, gaming of all sorts, beer, metal and cats. Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!